Musical Moments Curriculum

Musical Moments is a unique, one of a kind curriculum for teaching children how to read music.  The curriculum incorporates the Musical Zoo Books and many games to help children ages 5-12 learn to read notes and write music.  Families will be able to use this for music for several years.

Elaine Sneider’s curriculum, Musical Moments, is an excellent way to introduce young children to reading and playing music. As an accomplished musician myself, I see that her fantastic storyline involving zoo animals and simple games and tricks to describe the various aspects of sheet music will help children understand the concepts of reading music and want to learn more! I highly recommend that families use this program as they begin their musical journey.

-Taylor Newlove, Piano Teacher

Curriculum Includes:

  • A plastic, easy to carry tote box
  • A curriculum binder with worksheets and instructions on how to use the games and other items
  • A Musical Moments Fishing game
  • A Musical Moments Bingo game
  • Musical Moments Journey Board game
  • Treble clef, Bass clef and musical notes for Musical Moments Floor game
  • Seven Musical Zoo picture books that teach note-reading
  • Flash cards for all of the musical animals and signs taught in the seven books
  • Interval deduction game
  • Musical Moments Bowling game
  • Musical Moments Concentration game