Girl Scouts

Brownie Badges


The following workshops are available for girl scouts wanting to earn badges. Each workshop will include a snack and activities that will help your troop meet the requirements for the badge.  Please contact Elaine Sneider, 419-350-4721 or for more information or to reserve a time for her to come to your troop (or have your troop go to her).

Brownie Girl Scout Badges

Dancer—Senses—Painting—My Best Self—Bugs—Home Scientist—Snacks—My Family Story     Inventor–Money Manager—Philanthropist–Household Elf—Pets—Letterboxer—Making Games


Elaine is available to come to your troop or you can arrange to use the music studio in her Maumee home for your troop to earn one of the following badges.  Please contact her at 419-350-4721 or